South Africa: Increase in abdominal typhus infections

25 February 2022

According to media citing the National Institute of Communicable Diseases of South Africa, at least 160 cases of typhoid fever have been reported since 16 February 2022, a significant increase over the average incidence. Cases have been recorded in 8 of the 9 provinces, with the highest number of cases recorded so far in Guateng (45 cases) and Western Cape (64 cases, including in Cape Town and Garden Route N.P.). The source of infection is still under investigation; in the Western Cape, well water has been ruled out as a source.


Consequences for travelers

Optimal food and drinking water hygiene is recommended. In case of poor sanitary conditions, vaccination against abdominal typhoid may be considered. In case of fever, a doctor should be consulted.



Outbreak News Today, 16.2.2022