An increase in malaria cases has been observed in the North Zone (municipalities of Medio Queso, San Gerardo, Cuatro Esquinas, Isla Chica, La Trocha, Las Delicias and Coquital) in the past month. As of November 27th, 2021, 138 cases have been recorded. After no locally acquired cases were recorded in Costa Rica in 2013-2015, reports of locally acquired malaria cases have been increasing since 2016, although the number has remained below 100 cases per year.


Consequences for travelers

Prevention: Protect yourself optimally around the clock (24/7) against mosquito bites (see factsheet mosquito and tick bite protection): at dusk and at night against malaria, during the day against dengue and other arboviruses).
Behavior in case of symptoms: If you have a fever > 37.5°C: go to a doctor or clinic immediately and have a blood test for malaria (see also factsheet malaria) !



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