In Queensland, the number of cases with Ross River Virus (RRV) infections is increasing, with over 150 people tested positive on the Sunshine Coast. Due to rainfall and the associated increase in the mosquito population, more people are expected to become ill in the coming weeks.

Ross River virus disease is the most common mosquito-borne infectious disease in Australia; it occurs throughout of the country but is found primarily in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. Transmission occurs through Culex and Aedes mosquitoes. After an acute phase with fever, skin rash, and joint pain, RRV can sometimes cause long-lasting pain in various joints (polyarthritis).


Consequences for travelers

Optimal mosquito protection is recommended around the clock (24/7) (see factsheet mosquito and tick bite protection). There is neither a specific medication nor a vaccination.



Via ProMED, 29.11.2021