A person in Maryland, USA, has contracted monkeypox after a stay in Nigeria. Laboratory tests revealed that it is the same strain that has been circulating in Nigeria since 2017. The person is currently in isolation. Investigations regarding possible contacts have been initiated.

Monkeypox is endemic in Nigeria and other countries in West and Central Africa. An increase in cases in Nigeria has been recorded since September 2017. 88 cases have been reported in 2021 (through the end of October 2021).


Consequences for travelers

Prevention: Follow good personal hygiene, avoid contact with infected people and animals, do not consume bushmeat. The individual risk of contracting monkeypox from an infected patient depends on the type and duration of contact. If there is very close contact with a case (e.g., family members, airplane neighbors, medical personnel), the risk of infection is considered to be moderate, otherwise low.



Outbreak News Today, 12.11.2021, NCDC, week 43, 2021