Ukrainian health officials report a polio case in an unvaccinated 12-year-old child with acute flaccid paralysis from Transcarpathia (southwest of the country) in a new report on the current polio situation in Ukraine. There is no information yet regarding the type of polio.

An epidemiological investigation was conducted after this case was reported. No further person was found to be infected with the poliovirus. The previously detected cVDPV2 cases in Ukraine in the Rivne region are not connected to the current case.


Consequences for the traveler

Ukraine is now considered a category 2 in the WHO temporary poliomyelitis vaccination recommendations ("States infected with cVDPV2, with or without evidence of local transmission"):

  • On departure from Ukraine, persons with residence in the country for >4 weeks are strongly recommended to have received a polio booster vaccine (IPV) no longer than 12 months ago with documentation in their 'International Certificate for Vaccination' (according to WHO, 20.8.2021).
  • Stays < 4 weeks: in addition to the basic immunisation against polio, a booster vaccination is recommended every 10 years (recommendation of the Swiss Expert Committee for Travel Medicine (ECTM).



Outbreak News Today, 4.11.2021