In Ernakulam district, Kerala state, the number of confirmed leptospirosis cases have continued to increase in October 2021 (now 29 confirmed cases and 48 suspected cases) compared to September 2021 (18 confirmed 51 suspected cases). Since the beginning of 2021, 304 suspected cases have been reported in Ernakulam (confirmed: 133 cases).

Monsoon-related flooding occurs regularly between June and September, with October and November constituting the post-monsoon season. As a result, outbreaks of leptospirosis are common during this period.


Consequences for the traveler

Wear protective clothing/boots when wading through water! Leptospira are transmitted through the urine of rodents (mainly rats), which can contaminate small bodies of water (creeks, puddles, etc.) and mud. Transmission to humans occurs through small skin lesions or mucosal contacts through direct or indirect contact with the rodent urine. Symptoms range from flu-like symptoms, aseptic meningitis to sepsis. Vaccination is not generally available.



The Hindo, 28.10.2021