Liberia and Togo: Lassa fever

18 marzo 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, 33 suspected Lassa cases have been recorded in Liberia, 17 confirmed and 5 fatal. The cases come from Bong County, Grand Bassa Counte and Nimba County. In Togo, 1 case was confirmed in the north of the country at the end of February.

Lassa virus is transmitted via rodent excretions, e.g. through contaminated food, or it is inhaled. Human-to-human transmission occurs through contact with body fluids of infected persons. Lassa belongs to the group of haemorrhagic fevers. The symptoms of the disease range from mild flu-like symptoms to fever with bleeding.


Consequences for travelers

Wash or disinfect hands regularly and maintain optimal food hygiene. Mouse-infected places should be avoided. Avoid contact with ill or deceased persons suspected of having Lassa fever.



Outbreak News Today, 18.3.2022