Kenya: Yellow fever outbreak

09 marzo 2022

A yellow fever outbreak has been confirmed in Isiolo district (see map). So far, 4 people have died and investigations are pending for another 15 people. The first case was apparently already confirmed in January.
The outbreak takes place in a sparsely populated and not very attractive area for tourists. Nevertheless, the epidemic potential of yellow fever is evident with very low vaccination coverage nationwide.  
Vaccination campaigns are planned. The last local cases of yellow fever occurred in the early 1990s.


Consequences for travelers

Yellow fever vaccination is now recommended by the Swiss Expert Committee for Travel Medicine (ECTM) for all travellers to Kenya (whole country) until further data becomes clear. For immunocompetent persons, a yellow fever vaccination with a one-time second vaccination after 10 years (i.e. a maximum of 2 vaccinations in a lifetime) is recommended. In the case of travellers returning from Kenya from this region who exhibit fever, a yellow fever infection must be considered and ruled out by means of laboratory analyses (incubation period typically 3-6 days).



Kenya on alert as it reports outbreak of yellow fever – MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Archive Number: 20220309.8701889